Medical and Surgical Dermatology


  • Scars appear after any type of injury to the skin. There are different types of scars and they vary from small symptom-free marks to large painful keloids.
  • The treatment of scars depends on the type, age and location of the scar.
  • Dark pink and raised scars like hypertrophic or keloid scars can be injected with cortisone shots to soften and flatten them. Flat, intended scars can be filled in, resurfaced or cut out and re-stitched. Dark brown scars can be lightened using creams or chemical peels.
  • Dr. Boker will explain each treatment modality and chose whichever is best for you.

Our treatment approach:

Medical treatment:Procedures:
Topical retinoid creamsCortisone injections
Topical lightening agentsLaser treatments
 Chemical peels
 Surgical removal