Sclerotherapy Leg Vein Treatment
Cosmetic Dermatology

Sclerotherapy/Leg Vein Treatment

Spider veins on the legs can become more prominent with age and in people who stand for long periods of time or often cross their legs while seated. This technique utilizes small superficial injections of saline water into the small blood vessels to fade them.

How does it work?
Hypertonic saline (essentially concentrated salt water) is injected into the small veins, causing irritation the blood vessel wall. A compression bandage is then applied to the area which leads to a collapse/shrinkage of the blood vessel.

Is there any aftercare after the procedure?
Yes. We recommend wearing medical grade compression stockings for 2 weeks after the procedure and avoiding heavy exercise during this period.

Are there any risks or side effects?
Very minimal. Some people may experience minor pinching pain during the procedure and mild bruising in the area for a few days after. We recommend sun avoidance for 2 weeks after the procedure to prevent the risk of discoloration.