Facials and Aesthetic Services

Welcome to Skin Studio, at New Preston Dermatology, where you are invited to take a much-needed pause to care for your skin with our skin specific services and cosmetic enhancements.  It is our pleasure to offer a relaxing environment within our professional setting, where we strive to integrate a heightened level of well-being into our medical grade skin care treatments.

Our customized facial treatments are designed by award-winning aesthetician Barbara Tilley, with the help and guidance of board-certified dermatologist Dr. Andreas Boker. Their combined expertise, detailed knowledge, and unique skills are reflected in their carefully crafted treatment protocols, conceived to deliver safe, effective and therapeutic experiences to every patient.

Our philosophy centers on the science and inherent biological properties of the skin, using hand selected products that support and boost its functions while optimizing overall health.

Spring-Aesthetics Menu:


  1. Revitalizing Self-Repair Facial

This treatment is designed to boost your skin’s restorative potential to a professional level: A glycolic + lactic acid gel peel will encourage superficial exfoliation of damaged skin cells and is followed by a regenerative and calming masque with the soothing effects of organic cucumber, thyme, and olive extracts.  As a finishing touch and to promote complete skin barrier restoration a natural hyaluronic acid mask will provide long lasting hydration and render your skin supple and radiant.

Indications: for dull-appearing, dry, winter-battered skin and fine wrinkles. Suitable for sensitive skin

Sig: one facial treatment monthly during the spring and early summer months

Length: 60 min

At home maintenance:

AM: an anti-oxidant serum such as SkinCeuticals “CE Ferulic” followed by daily sunblock

PM: a prescription retinoid or over the counter retinol cream at bedtime followed by a gentle moisturizer.


  1. AlphaBeta-C BrighteningFacial 

This treatment is curated to restore the skin’s natural radiance by helping fade signs of aging brought on by long term sun exposure. Following a Micro Polish deep cleanse, this protocol relies on the superpowers of salicylic and mandelic acids to gently peel hyper-pigmented cells.  A Vitamin C booster is applied to provide amplified anti-oxidant action along with a hydrating masque for ultimate moisturization.

Indications: for discolored, sun-damaged skin; best performed at monthly intervals

Sig: one monthly treatment year-round, except during the summer months

Length: 60 min

At home maintenance:

AM: a clarifying serum such as SkinCeuticals “Discoloration Defense” or prescription azelaic acid followed by daily sunblock.

PM: a prescription retinoid or over the counter retinol cream +/- a bleaching cream at bedtime followed by a gentle moisturizer.


  1. Corrective & Clarifying Facial

Designed to complement and enhance medical treatments for acne and rosacea-prone skin, this detoxifying protocol is intended to purge the skin of its impurities while focusing on calming redness and reducing inflammation. A clay mask and retexturing activator will prime the skin for a light salicylic acid based chemical peel.  The combination of blue and red LED light therapy is then used to reduce bacteria and inflammation within the epidermal layer of the skin and to stimulate healing. A phyto-corrective masque will complete this calming protocol, resulting in a clear and glowing complexion.  Also offered for the chest and back area(s).

Indications: for congested, acne and rosacea-prone skin

Sig: one monthly treatment year-round

Length: 60 min

At home maintenance:

AM:  SkinCeuticals “LHA” cleansing gel or a medicated benzoyl peroxide wash followed by Elta MD UV Clear sunblock.

PM: a prescription retinoid or over the counter retinol cream followed by a gentle moisturizer.


  • 20 minute therapeutic LED treatment 
  • BioCellulose Restorative Masque
  • Focus of Eyes, Décolleté, or Hands anti-aging treatment 
  • 10 minute lymphatic drainage massage
  • Cosmetic enhancements are offered as independent services or easily added to any facial treatment.  


Our patients’ safety and well-being are our highest priority. We therefore follow strict protocols to ensure a clean and safe treatment environment for everyone: In addition to temperature checks, we require all patients to wear a face mask upon arrival and we may ask patients to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination before entering treatment rooms. All of our staff will wear a N95 respirator mask during the consultation and treatment sessions and rigorous sanitation procedures are conducted after each patient encounter.