Comprehensive Seasonal Skin Care Routines and Anti-Aging Regimens

Comprehensive Seasonal Skin Care Routines and Anti-Aging Regimens

Caring for your skin goes beyond cleansing routines and applying certain products. It relies on our awareness that the skin is the largest organ in our body and that keeping it healthy is critical to our overall wellbeing. Its proper care also reflects our confidence to express who we are and how we feel.

Every skin type deserves a customized carefully curated plan to optimize skin health without compromising safety. It is important to have professional guidance on what products are actually beneficial and why, and to have a good understanding on how and when to start them properly.

Dr. Boker always reverts to the same axiom: “Show me the science, ignore the hype”. As a scientist, relying on objective evidence dictates the way he practices medicine and also determines his recommendations on skin care products he deems worthy of using for his patients.

Our philosophy is to keep it simple. There is no need to use multiple different products or to spend money on expensive creams – in fact, this can actually be counterproductive. The skin is not designed to handle the many chemicals that are used to manufacture fancy-smelling creams, serums, toners, moisturizers, etc… The long list of chemicals and “proprietary ingredients” are more often than not completely ineffective (they lack scientific evidence demonstrating an actual clinical benefit) and often very irritating.

Dr. Boker will help design a customized and thorough skin care routine with the right products to address your specific needs to help your skin stay healthy and radiant all year around.